5 Essentials for Impeccable Home Roasted Coffee

The aroma of a fresh cup of rejuvenating coffee is probably the best Kickstarter for the day. Around the world, the consumption of coffee increases manifolds every single year. But do all of us really enjoy coffee the way it is intended? Yes, the topic of interest for Home Baristas like us right now, is home roasted coffee. The aroma of fresh coffee beans can only be preserved if roasted in the perfect manner while taking care of other essentials.

Here are 5 details that if taken care of, will ensure that the cup of coffee you make every day will be nothing less than perfect. These include aspects other than the chief home roasting procedure as well that can enhance your mornings. Have a look:

  • Choose a Cool and Dark Place to Store Your Coffee Beans – The storage of the coffee beans is something that can simply not be underrated. You should store the coffee beans in a cool and dry place to maintain its freshness for that little bit longer. Right after the home roasting process, coffee should be stored appropriately to preserve it until it is consumed.
  • Select a French Press with a Capacity Exactly Matching Your Needs – If you do decide to go for a French press, you need to get one that can cater to the exact quantity requirements that you have. Using the French coffee roast with the French press in a precise manner can help you get the taste that you will pat your own back for.
  • Go and Grab Green Coffee Beans or Bean Extracts – Other than its obvious popularity for usage in several weight-loss techniques, Green coffee bean extracts also have a definitive flavor to them. There are different types available even in the form of extract or syrups. Try them out and you will probably not be able to think about coffee without them.
  • Do Not Underestimate the Value of a Quality Tamper – A good quality tamper helps in the manual roasting process to a great extent. Tampers need to be of high quality, and the ones made of high-quality steel are probably the best ones around. Buy a stainless-steel tamper and you will realize how it changes the way tamping is done.
  • Understand the Different Stages of Roast to Control the Flavor – There are various stages of home roasting that yield different flavor. The roasting, therefore, has to be done extremely carefully. Right after yellowing, steam, and the first crack, you can have several different variations of coffee – from the first roasted stage to caramelization, and the second crack to darkening roast.

The above are just 5 of the essentials that, as per me, are mostly overlooked even though they are significant for the entire roasting process. Try and emphasize on these points and you will start noticing the difference yourself in the daily cup of coffee, and thereby your mornings!

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